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How you can benefit from Buying Gold Bars in the Current Market

If you’re thinking about buying gold bars, now may be the perfect time since the price of gold has hit what many experts consider rock bottom for the foreseeable future. Look at creating and developing a type of investment plan using an investment advisor or financial planner to ensure you get the best from your […]

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Gold Price 2014: Optimism Abounds!

Gold Price 2014 – Poised for a Great Return The price of gold experienced an increase of over two percent, which resulted in the highest price within the last two weeks on Thursday. This price increase was gold’s big 2014 comeback since having such a poor performance in 2013. The gold that is part of […]

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How a Gold IRA Works

This post will go into just how, exactly, a Gold IRA works. The younger generations are more fortunate in the aspect of several options available for a lucrative retirement. The US is now experiencing many more seniors who are able to use Gold IRA investments for their retirement years. See the infographic above for a […]

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A Bright US Economic Outlook For 2014

It is that time of the year again. The Christmas season brings along with it lengthy shopping lists, long lines, and a direct gaze towards the US economy. Academics around the nation use this season and the long shopping lines as a way to gauge the US economic outlook for 2014. Are the shoppers confident […]

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Gold Investing for 2014 and Beyond

Gold investing for 2014 remain strong because it continues to remain a time-tested proven method for preserving purchasing power for the investor. The purchase of gold still protects the worth of currency earned in today’s markets while maintaining its value long into the future. By researching historical data, investors have long known that the worth […]

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