Bitcoin Day Trading, Coin Trading Secrets, and Gold Backed Cryptocurrency, Oh My!

For anyone who’s been living under a digital rock and has not heard of bitcoin may find the following information rather shocking, if not a “bit” unsettling. The leading new currency was first created by someone calling themselves “Satoshi Nakamoto” (thought to be an alias). The appeal is that transactions are made with NO middle men! This is unheard of but seems to be catching on like wildfire.

There is even a new cryptocurrency that popped up, seemingly out of nowhere, that is actually based on gold. What is all this new cryptocurrency doing to the old established currencies? Only time will tell but we appear to be in a new wild west…

cryptocurrencyMy friend Paul James recently came out with an intriguing new info-product that purports to show you how to day trade bit coins and other cryptocurrencies. I have a review copy and while I have not actually tried it out yet I have to say the concept is both appealing and scary at the same time. Looking at the resources Paul showed me, I can see absolutely wild fluctuations in the value of bitcoin. So much so that he advises that you buy AND sell in the same day for an intimidate profit!

Personally, if I ever delve into the new cryptocurrency markets, I will probably favor the ones that are backed by something tangible like gold or other precious medals, but Paul gives day trading a new twist the like of which may proof to be financially appealing to the rebel entrepreneur sector.

Learn more about Paul James’ “Coin Trading Secrets” here.