Why I Buy Gold as an Investment

Guest PostWhen it comes to money and investing, I don’t fool around. I work hard to earn a living. I have been really conservative in the way I save and invest because I want a secure future for me and my family. I have actually done quite well for myself. I have a well-diversified investment portfolio that is almost seven figures. I would not have done as well if it were not for one key investment that I made years ago. I decided to buy gold as an investment.

I got into gold investing years ago when a good friend of mine was telling me how his gold investment save his portfolio from losing half its value. A big part of his portfolio was in high risk industries that had promises of good returns. However, when the bubble burst, those promises never got fulfilled. He couldn’t sell his shares fast enough, and his lost a lot of money in those sectors. However, his gold investment was as strong as ever. What happened to the economy did not seem to affect the value of the gold. In fact, the price of gold just continued to go up. He was so thankful that he had a good portion of his investment in gold. To this day, gold is still a big part of his portfolio, and it is going to stay that way.

So, I learned from my friend’s experience. I worked hard to build up my portfolio, and I certainly want to protect it as best as I could. I started to diversify into gold. Even when I saw the dollar weaken in a poor economy, my portfolio stayed strong because I had gold as the backbone.

I consider gold as my insurance. Its value is universal. It does not matter if a country is at war, or if the currency devaluates, or even if there is a lot of government upheaval. Even if there is a banking crisis, gold will always stay strong because it is not just a representation of wealth like paper money. It is a tangible wealth. People who own gold are wealthy. This is true all over the world. Gold is part of the universal language.

When I invest, I do not want to worry about how inflation is going affect my investment. Gold is a hedge against inflation. I can have peace of mind knowing that my wealth in gold will always be there.

My favorite type of gold investing is in bullion and coins. I like to buy my wife gold jewelry, and some people ask me if that is another way for me to buy gold as a smart investment. It actually is not. Gold jewelry is nice, but it is harder to sell. Besides, my wife would never sell her gold jewelry. Still, I like the fact that I am buying something for her that is beautiful and which will increase in value over time. I am a smart investor and a smart shopper, too!

I know that gold prices are published everyday. Gold prices do fluctuate, but that is driven by the market. No matter what the market does, it still really does not change the fact that this precious metal is rare and desirable.

I am fortunate that I found a wonderful investment firm that has unparalleled expertise in gold investing. They are the ones who have taught me how to invest in gold the right way. To anyone who asks me how I became so successful in gold investing, I tell them that it all starts with the right kind of information and support. I would recommend my investment firm to anyone who is interested in getting started in gold investing. It is not hard at all.

The best way to get started is by learning as much as possible about it. A reputable firm, like the one I use, will take time to teach you the fundamentals. I was able to get a free gold investment kit from my firm that explained all about how gold is sold and purchased. After learning about the gold market, I gained confidence about investing in it.

When I look back at all of my investment decisions, the best one, by far, is my decision to invest in gold. It has served me well even through the years of downturn. I cannot say that about the other sectors of my investment

With a sizable investment portfolio, a great family and good health, I cannot ask for anything more in life. My friends are important to me, and I want them to find the financial security that I have found through gold investing. There is really no other investment that has such a long and proven track record. Buying gold has been the standard of investment stability in past generations, and it will be for generations to come.

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