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Is The Global Political Environment Going To Spark New Gold Highs?

If you thought the rapid rise in gold was over, you may not want to set your predictions in stone just yet. In fact, you might soon be happy that you did not take your profits when gold peaked a few months ago. Events are brewing all over the world that point to a rapid […]

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Gold: The Safe Haven For Investment

Everyone is constantly thinking about what to invest in for the future, and today the New York Stock Exchange really drove home exactly what that is. The answer is simple, after seeing treasury bonds and the U.S. Dollar dip yet again in the stocks, gold rallied up 2% of its price to end out the […]

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Keeping Up With The 53% Boost In Demand For Physical Gold

Whether you are a person who follows the latest trends in the precious metals market or you have simply heard about some of the climb on the news, there is no denying the sudden influx of buyers purchasing physical gold during the second quarter through April to June. The World Gold Council, or WGC, noted […]

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