How Are Online Gold Purchases Shipped?

Online Gold Purchases Should Be Shipped Securely

Making any purchase online can be worrisome but when that purchase is gold the worry comes tenfold. With so many questions about online security and the security of shipping many people want to know how their online gold purchases are going to be shipped.

FedExOnline Gold Purchase Shipment Methods Vary

The shipment method of your online gold purchase will vary depending upon who you have made your purchase through, the cost of your purchase and the method of shipment you select upon checkout. We prefer to make our online gold purchases through Regal Assets and we always select Fedex as our method of shipment. There is a peace of mind with FedEx shipping as opposed to traditional USPS shipping. Additionally, when they ship, Regal Assets always insure your package to the full extent and always require a signature upon delivery. These are precautions that not all gold vendors take; however, they are precautions that we recommend taking no matter who you make your online gold purchases through.

It Is Not Worth Saving Money For Cheaper Delivery Options

You may find that you can purchase gold for discount pricing through other online gold vendors if you select non-signature delivery or uninsured delivery, but this is certainly not worth the risk. We utilize every precaution offered by Regal Assets when placing our online gold purchase orders because ultimately for a few dollars more, it is worth the peace of mind to have a tracking number, insurance and a signature of delivery.

It is also important to note that if you make a larger institutionalized purchase, you should always make sure that your purchase is delivered with an accompanying armored guard. Regal Assets takes no chance with any of their deliveries but they take particular care to protect larger investments by utilizing armored guard services.

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