Choosing Regal Assets For Your Gold IRA



Choosing Regal Assets For Your Gold IRA

One of the most important decisions that I ever made was deciding to create a Gold IRA. Worried about my future, and the prospect of not having enough retirement money, I decided to research and find the best company to work with in order to create this type of investment vehicle. My research led me to using a company called Regal Assets, a company that operates in many different countries including South Africa, Mexico, Great Britain and the United States. In this article, I will show you how simple it was to create a Gold IRA with Regal Assets, giving me the peace of mind that I needed in order to feel comfortable that my future was financially secure.

Why People Choose Gold IRAs

People that are interested in preparing for their future will always be looking for the best investments that can secure the most financially viable retirement package. Although many people have retirement programs through their work such as a 401(k) program, it is also a good idea to look at different investment vehicles in order to improve your chances of having the most money available when you reach your retirement years. One of the most popular investment vehicles today is the gold IRA. Before I show you how easy it was to work with Regal Assets to set one up, let’s look at some of the benefits, and drawbacks, to investing in gold and how a Gold IRA may be your best investment strategy for the long term.

Understanding Individual Retirement Accounts

An IRA or individual retirement account is an investment vehicle that has proven to be a very stable and sometimes lucrative way to prepare for your retirement. There are many different types of IRAs including traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE and Self-Directed. There are other subtypes including a Rollover IRA and also the Conduit IRA. These investment vehicles can only be funded by cash, or cash equivalents. Transfers or rollovers between IRAs can include virtually any type of asset, one of which is gold. Since most paper IRA investments can be very risky or volatile, let’s look at Gold IRAs and how they can provide you with a potentially lucrative retirement package.

The Benefits Of Using Gold IRAs

The primary benefit of creating a Gold IRA is that precious metals have a tendency to increase in value over time. This is something that occurs regardless of the state of our economy, how the stock market moved that day, or any of the other variables that can typically affect paper-based investment vehicles. Over the last 10 years, gold has increased exponentially, showing that it is a very stable investment. Other precious metals including platinum and silver have also become very popular as a result of the instability of the global economy and the ever increasing value of gold. Since gold is both evergreen, and is limited in quantity, it virtually guarantees that its value will sustain itself and continue to grow as the years pass by. These are the primary benefits for investing in gold for your IRA. Let’s now look at a few of the potential drawbacks.

The Drawbacks Of Using Gold IRAs

Although there are many benefits to investing in gold for your individual retirement account, there is one specific problem that most people will face once they decide to invest into gold. In order to set up this type of account, you need to find a trustee that will be willing to create a self-directed IRA in order to handle the transfer of funds necessary to invest in gold coins or bullion. In most cases, major brokerage firms will not help facilitate this type of transaction, which means you need to work with certain companies that are experts in this field. There are also fees that you may have to pay in addition to the setup charge including the handling of paperwork for the gold, and an annual fee for ensuring and storing the bullion and coins that you are investing in. Although these problems are very minimal in comparison to the benefits you will receive from investing in gold for your IRA, they should be noted and considered before you decide to make this type of investment. That is why I was so happy to find Regal Assets to set this up for me.

In conclusion, there are many other ways for people to invest in their future including stocks, bonds, mutual funds and even real estate, investing in gold may be the most stable investment that you can make, one that is virtually guaranteed to increase in value. Along with your 401(k) from your place of employment, and all of your other investments by adding a Gold IRA to your portfolio, you can make a positive decision toward ensuring that your golden years after retirement are well-funded, allowing you to enjoy the latter portion of your life. That’s why it is important for you to set up a Gold IRA with Regal Assets. By contacting this company, they can send you information on how to get this process started today.

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