Gold Retirement AccountActual Regal Gold Client Testimonials

8/2/13 – Dedicated and helpful! I was so impressed by the amount of time Christian (and Adam) took in answering our questions, checking in with us, returning calls, emails, etc. They were extrememly responsive, professional, and kind. I feel very good about using this company and can’t recommend them enough.

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Jessica G.

7/23/13 – Most enjoyable experience I have had investing. I found Regal Assets through a Google search. I had been recently laid off, and wanted to roll my 401k and pension into gold and precious metals. I had no idea how the process works and looking it up online only made my head spin. I decided to give Regal Assets a call and I was set up with my own personal finance executive. My personal account executive, Collin Plume could not have made this process any easier or more enjoyable!! A very professional packet was sent to my house with all kinds of information explaining the process in terms I could understand. From the very beginning, Collin explained the whole process in a way that made sense to me. Once I had all my monies transferred over, a process that could not have been any easier, Collin advised me personally over the phone on what the best investment options were. The money was rolled over and the next thing I knew I had purchased precious metals. The whole process went so seamlessly, it was truly an enjoyable experience. I feel very comforted knowing that every time I had a question, I could call up Collin and he would be there over the phone to answer them. I like not having to deal with any machines, and this company prides themselves on excellent customer service. I also love that all my fees were waived for the first year, and are not too expensive thereafter. I cannot wait for my pension check to get here so I can give Collin a call and invest that with Regal Assets as well. I have recommended them to my family and would recommend them to anyone else as well!!

Travis I.

7/22/13 – Regal Assets employee Collin Plume. I would like to say how pleased I am with Collin Plume of Regal Assets. I was looking to invest some of my IRA in gold. I was very lucky to find Regal Assets and their adviser, Collin Plume. He was extremely knowledgeable about gold and silver in IRA’s. Under his supervision I transfered a portion of my IRA to Regal Assets and everything was handled just as Collin advised me about. I highly reccomend Regal Assets and Collin Plume to anyone who plans to invest in gold or silver.

Jerry W.

7/8/13 – This was my first experience with Regal Assets and investing in precious metals. I was totally impressed with the service. Account setup to establish my IRA custodian (Equity Institutional)was handled directly via Regal Assets concierge service. I was informed at every step of the way. The attention to detail and the communication relating to asset direction and ongoing support gave me the comfort level I expect. My concerns and questions were not only answered in a timely manner but a relationship of trust was established. I truly feel that the expertise of my personal account executive offers will yield dividends in the future. I am loooking forward to many more transactions in the future.

Charles H.

6/11/13 – 401K Roll Over. I want to thank the team at Regal Assets for making my transition from my 401K to my precious metals account; I had lost my job and needed to roll over my 401K, I started a home based business and did not know where to turn. I knew I did not want my assets to be subject to the stock market and take another loss as in the past, so I turned to Regal Assets. Regal was very helpful, knowledgeable, and very courteous and answered all my questions which made me feel safe with my decision. This was all new to me and I had no idea what I was doing, but Christian made me feel comfortable and explained the complete process; I was very happy that Regal had people that would work with me and teach me how to invest and explain the pros and cons for investing in precious metals. The Team was also very quick to return any and all missed calls and or emails; very conscience of customers needs. Great hospitality! Thanks Regal A customer for Life!

Duane D.

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