Where Can I Buy Gold Coins?

Many People Wonder “Where Can I Buy Gold Coins”

When it comes to diversifying investments gold coins can be a great way to get started “dabbling” in the precious metals market. Many new investors are drawn by the unique appearance of coins in addition to their steadily increasing value. Since gold coins are such a magnet for newer investors in the gold market however, many people write to us asking “where can I buy gold coins?”

There Are A Couple of Ways to Buy Gold Coins

There are a couple of options to turn to if you are looking to begin buying gold coins, let’s take a look at a two of them.

Saint Gaudens VF Gold CoinBuying Gold Coins Online

Where many people are hesitant to make online purchases of precious metals, it is possible to make safe online gold purchases. It is important to the security of your personal and financial information that you utilize a safe and secured online gold coin vendor, here at Buy That Gold we prefer to utilize Regal Assets due to their A+ Better Business Bureau rating and their overall history of reliability.

One of the benefits to buying gold coins online is that you have access to a wide variety of gold coin options from all over the world. Regal Assets currently offers a wide variety of gold coins to choose from including: World Gold Coins, Liberty Head, St Gaudens and Indian Head coins

Additionally, buying gold coins online gives you the opportunity to save money since you are not paying additional fees that brick and mortar stores tack on to cover their overhead.

Buying Gold Coins In A Brick and Mortar Store

As we progress further in to the technological age there are fewer stores around that specialize in selling gold coins. There are still a few gold coin stores around though, you simply have to know where to look. You may find the odd gold coin in pawn shops or the like, but to find the really good products we recommend finding a specialty store. You can find out if you have a store that specializes in coins local to you by looking through the Yellow Pages or by searching via the internet.

One of the benefits to buying gold coins in a brick and mortar store is that you will often find that you have access to older or more rare coins. Coins that have been out of production for a while will show up when other collectors sell them off for financial reasons or to fund other gold purchases. One of the best ways to find the elusive gold coin you are searching for is to drop in to a brick and mortar coin store.

Unfortunately, when buying gold coins in a brick and mortar store you will often find that you pay a premium price. This price comes from the fair value of the coin at the time of purchase in addition to the premium that the store owner must charge to pay for their overhead. On the other hand however, frequenting a local store can help you to build a relationship with other collectors and potentially get you access to harder to find pieces.

Is It Better To Buy Gold Coins Online Or In A Store?

To say that buying gold coins online is better than buying gold coins in a store and vice versa, is unfair. There are benefits and drawbacks to each method of purchasing gold coins. If; however, you are new to gold coins and hope to become a serious collector or investor we recommend beginning your gold coin career online. Beginning online with a company like Regal Assets will help you to start small while also ensuring that you are getting a quality product. Unfortunately there are some less than honest “business people” out in the real world who would take advantage of newer collectors so starting with a reputable online company can help to ease you in to collecting without this concern.Additionally, online vendors like Regal Assets often provide newcomers to the gold market with a wealth of information to educate them on the gold market in general. Here at Buy That Gold we believe it is very important to understand the gold market as a whole whether you are looking to collect gold coins as a hobby or as an investment.

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