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Regal Assets is a Good Choice For Buying Gold Online

When it comes to buying gold online, we understand that you have a choice of who you buy your gold through. There are a number of options available to you, but as a reputable company, Regal Assets prides itself on an A+ BBB rating and a solid reputation and offers the reliability you are looking for in your investments.

Regal Assets has been featured in Forbes Magazine 2013 Investment Guide Special, a copy of which all investors purchasing a gold IRA kit will receive with their purchase. Additionally, Regal Assets has been featured in a number of well respected media spotlights including Reuters, International Business Times and Smart Money.

Investing in a Gold IRA

Regal Assets Offers More Than the Competition

In comparison to other online gold vendors, Regal Assets offers consumers much more than the average vendor in addition to their solid reputation. Investing in a gold IRA kit through Regal Assets not only offers you a complete portfolio of everything you need to know about investing in gold, but it also offers you the facts and figures to support your investment choice.

While Regal also offers a copy of the 2013 Forbes Magazine Investment Guide Special and a DVD of the award winning documentary, “The Hidden Secrets of the Federal Reserve,” they also understand that for the gold investor it’s not about the “bonus freebies.” Investing in anything is a serious business and Regal understands that a few free bonuses aren’t what you need to give you peace of mind. That is why Regal lets their A+ Better Business Bureau rating speak for them in terms of their potential.

What Products Do Regal Assets Offer?

Regal Assets specialize in the sale of bullion gold, rare gold, bullion silver, rare silver, platinum, rare platinum and palladium.

Why Should You Trust Buying Gold With Regal Assets?

BBB ratings aside, there are many other reasons why you should trust Regal Assets to handle your online gold transactions.

Regal Assets Has the Reputation

Regal Assets Advantage

To continue harping for a second on the A+ BBB rating, Regal Assets has a reputation that you can trust. In addition to their ranking with the Better Business Bureau, RA also has a five star rated customer service team and enjoys preferred membership status with both the BBB and Trustlink.

A 7 Day Delivery Guarantee

Regal Assets gives a 7 day delivery guarantee on all orders and your order will always be shipped to you fully insured. This guarantee in combination with exceptional customer service, top of the line security, premium grading and thorough knowledge of the products they handle, make RA our favorite choice when it comes to buying gold online.

Regal Assets Comes Highly Recommended

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There are a good many big names and celebrities who trust their gold transactions to Regal Assets, just take a look at what they have to say in these testimonials:

“Regal Assets is one of the most trusted precious metal dealers in America”
Alan Thicke

“The only company I trust with the process is Regal Assets”
Dennis Miller

“Do your research and request your free investment kit from Regal Assets”
Laura Ingraham

“Do yourself a favor do it today call Regal Assets” – Jerry Doyle

“With an A+ rating from the BBB, Regal Assets is the company you can trust” – Lars Larson

Getting Started With Regal Assets

One of the best ways to get your investment portfolio started with Regal Assets and to begin building your wealth is with their free gold investment kit.

Free Gold Investing Kit

Each guide includes

  • Discover the closely-guarded secrets of the precious metals industry, and gain an edge over gold sellers before you contact them.
  • Learn how gold could not only safeguard your financial portfolio, but could DOUBLE or TRIPLE your savings in the next 1-2 years.
  • Unlimited access to your personal gold investment advisor. We are here to answer all your questions and guide you in the right direction. Our mission is to arm you with the information you need to make your own decision about gold investment.

Best of all, signing up for your free gold investment kit does not sign you up for endless harassing phone calls, stacks of paperwork or high pressure sales pitches. Regal Assets respects that you have an important choice to make and need a little time and space to do that.

Why You Should Invest in a Gold IRA

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